The Strange & Unusual Universe of Silver Moon Unicorn

Silver Moon drove down the road as she enjoyed the scenery. White Lion was taking a nap on his bean bag chair. Black Wolf was reading a book on his tablet computer. Without any warning, sirens blared behind the trolley. Silver Moon saw the flashing lights and pulled over to the side of the road.

A police car stopped behind the trolley and an officer stepped out. Silver Moon opened the front doors.

“Ma’am, I’m afraid you’re driving a stolen vehicle.”

“What? I wasn’t aware of that.”

Black Wolf set his tablet down on the end table next to his bean bag chair. White Lion opened his eyes.

“Yes, I think I can prove it. Although, the old style manual driving is a giveaway. Trolleys don’t come with that. Please step off the trolley.”

Silver Moon stood up and walked off the trolley. Black Wolf sat still and listened. The officer walked to the front of the trolley and removed a panel to the engine. He looked inside.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought. This is the missing trolley.”

“Look, some guy let me take the trolley for nothing. I didn’t ask any questions.”

“Why not? Why would someone give a trolley away for free? That never occurred to you?”

“No. At the time I needed to get out of my apartment because I couldn’t afford it anymore. I was distracted by bills I couldn’t pay.”

“Oh. You could be lying to me and just giving a sob story so I won’t arrest you.”

“Then whose trolley is it supposed to be?”

“It belongs to a Mr. Na’athan LeBleu.”

Black Wolf stepped off the trolley. “Sir, I’m Na’athan LeBleu and I never knew I owed a trolley. If it is my trolley, then I will drop all charges against this lady.”

The officer stared at him. “Now, this is going too far. How can you prove who you say you?”

“You can scan my fingerprints.” Black Wolf held up his right hand.

“I see. Then come with me. Lady, stay put.”

“Okay.” Silver Moon walked around to the door to check on White Lion. She saw him standing on the stairwell. “Stay put, little one. I don’t want to leave you behind.”

White Lion blinked.

The officer lead Black Wolf to the car where Black Wolf sat down as the officer put his hand on the scanner. It quickly scanned his fingerprints. The officer and Black Wolf watched the computer screen as it went through the files to come up with a match. It came up with a match for Na’athan LeBleu.

“Well, this case is just gone off the deep end. You are who you say you are, so the trolley is yours.”

“Milady told you the truth about how she ended up with the trolley.”

“Yes, well, you better contact the lawyer about this. I can drop the charges for now, but he will need to hear about this to keep them dropped.”

“I will do that.”

They both got out of the car. Black Wolf walked over to Silver Moon and smiled at her.

The officer followed and turned to her. “I do apologize. The trolley is with its rightful owner and I can’t do anything when he doesn’t want to press charges against you, so you’re free to go now.”

Silver Moon nodded and the officer went back to his car. He drove off.

White Lion tried to walk past Silver Moon to get off the trolley. She put her arms out and picked him up. “No, dear, we’re leaving together. I can’t leave you somewhere by yourself. Do you want us to separated?”

“No.” He sighed as she carried him back on the trolley.


Making Plans


The Strange & Unusual Universe of Silver Moon Unicorn

White Lion was outside on a cool, breezy day, running around the trolley. Silver Moon suggested he’d run a caucus race to get rid of his excess energy. He was laughing and enjoying himself.

She was sitting at the table drinking a mug of tea. Black Wolf was sitting across from her drinking a mug of coffee. “Milady, the trolley is wearing out. Have you considered my offer?”

“Oh, you mean take White Lion and go live with you at your house?”

“Yes, as my wife.”

“Hmm.” She took a sip of her tea. “Yes, I’ve considered it. It’s insanity.”

He smiled. “So what? You told me becoming a traveling bard was insane.”

“Yes, I did say that.”

“It worked out fairly well for you.”

“Yes, it has. Now I know there are people who will buy my books because they like what I write.”

“Now, how about another insane option.”

“Well, I want to have a baby with you.”


“I want you to be the father of the only child I carry.”

He gaped at her. “I don’t know how to take care of children.”

“I do and you can learn.”

“Perhaps we should get married first, then I know you can get quality healthcare while you’re pregnant.”

“You’re not saying, ‘No,’ to me?”

“I can’t say no to you. I would feel better if I didn’t have to worry about your health while you’re pregnant.”

“I want a midwife. I want to have a water birth. I want my baby to swim.”

“Okay. Fine, whatever you want.”

White Lion jumped onto the trolley. He was breathing hard. “I’m getting tired now! I have to stop and sit down.” He plopped down on a bean bag chair. Silver Moon and Black Wolf smiled.

“If I marry you, will you keep cleaning?”

“Yes, I will keep honoring that agreement. I don’t think I can learn to cook now, even if I wanted to. Besides, you’re cooking is healthy and tasty.”

“Alright, but I want my rights respected. No one will give me away because I’m a person, not a piece of property.”

“Ahhh, is that part of the problem?”


“I know you’re a person and the ceremony that my people use does treat women like people. No worries.”


White Lion looked at them. “What? What have you two agreed to this time?”

“We’re getting married finally.”

“And we’re going to have a child as well.”

“That, too. White Lion, I’ll be your papa and you’ll get a sibling.”

White Lion’s eyes got all round. “What? What does that mean?”

“Dear, it means you will officially have two parents and eventually, a brother or a sister. There’ll be four of us in the Unicorn family.”


Which One?


The Strange & Unusual Universe of Silver Moon Unicorn

(Lora is one of the many people who has sent me messages after reading my poetry. She had a dilemma that I thought was easy to understand. —Silver Moon Unicorn)

Lora was fast asleep and dreaming away. She still missed her sister and parents. She tossed and turned as she saw them in her dream. Her parents were fighting a werewolf while she hid. She was shaking. She covered her mouth so she wouldn’t scream. The werewolf killed her parents mercilessly and then left. Then Lora was in the woods walking. She stopped when she found her sister’s body. She had been raped and brutally murdered as were the other women.

The scene shifted again. She was in a parking lot. This time she saw a werewolf jump out of a car right through the closed window. Glass scattered on the pavement as the werewolf ran right past her. Then she just knew. Beyond any doubt. That werewolf was her best friend. Was he the one who was raping and murdering the women in town? Or was he like the poor werewolf who was harmless, but still afraid? Was he the same werewolf who murdered her parents and her sister? But she had known him since they were kids. Was he even capable of attacking women like that? She woke up drenched in sweat. She hugged her legs. She couldn’t get back to sleep knowing he was in the next room.

Remembering the Lost Brother


The Strange & Unusual Universe of Silver Moon Unicorn

(This is a story from the planet of Venus in its early days. A small colony just struggling to survive away from the home planet of Earth. —Silver Moon Unicorn.)

She was a mere child again and lying in bed, afraid to sleep because that man was in the house again. Gerri knew it wasn’t her father. In fact, she wasn’t sure who her father was.

She heard Ryan get up to go to the bathroom. It wasn’t unusual. Still, that man was in the house and Gerri knew that she should be quiet, lest he found her. But Ryan had to go and there was no way to hold it for long. He tried to run back to his room before he came out of the bathroom, but it was too late. Gerri heard the man grab her brother and drag him outside. Why wasn’t their mother doing anything about it?

Gerri clenched her rabbit tighter as she tried to block out her brother’s screams. They only got louder and louder. Gerri sat up and never let go of her rabbit. Tears streamed down her cheeks because she knew what was happening and she wondered where her mother was and why she didn’t intervene. It was her son. It was her son.

Gerri got out of her bed and walked over to her bedroom door. She opened the door slowly and peered out into the hallway. It was completely quiet by that time. Seeing no one, she ventured out into the hall. Carefully and still holding onto her rabbit, she made her way to her mother’s room. As she walked, she could see blood on the floor. She trembled and she kept walking. Finally, she reached her mother’s room and opened the door. It was dead quiet. Was her mother even alive? She kept walking to the bed where her mother was clearing lying and found that indeed, her mother was still breathing and crying softly.

The mother didn’t notice Gerri’s approach since the child was so quiet. “Mommy, are you alright? Why didn’t you help Ryan?”

“Gerri, go back to your room. We can’t do anything for Ryan. He knew better than to leave his room while my client was here. Just go back to your room before something happens to you as well.”

Gerri hesitated and listened for the man. It was still eerily quiet. She walked out of the room and back into the hallway. The blood was still there. She walked passed her room and over to the fresher. There was more blood, but no sign of the man or her brother. She kept walking until she reached the stairs. There she stopped and listened for any sign of life in the house. It wasn’t long before she heard the man shouting unintelligibly and then a door slammed. She heard him stomp away from the house. Once the man was gone, she ran down the stairs to look for Ryan. She found him and almost tripped over him at the bottom of the stairs. He was bleeding badly and Gerri couldn’t help but to cry uncontrollably at the sight.

“Gerri, you found me. I couldn’t hold it, so I took the chance. Little Sis, just take care because I know you will do good someday and you will make things right. Just don’t give up on yourself.”

“Ryan, what should I do?”

“Just be patient, your hard years are coming. This is just the beginning.”

“But, Ryan, you’re hurt, shouldn’t I stop the bleeding?”

“No, don’t bother. It’s too late for me, but not for you.”

“No, Ryan, I don’t want to lose you!”
Ryan chuckled. “And here I thought you hated me for hiding your rabbit where you couldn’t reach.”

“I don’t hate you, but I was really upset about not being able to get my rabbit. Then you gave him back to me.”

“I’m glad you don’t hate me. Gerri, don’t ever give up on yourself.” Ryan remained quiet as he breathed his last breaths. Gerri was crying so hard that she hyperventilated and eventually passed out.

The Long Train Ride


The Strange & Unusual Universe of Silver Moon Unicorn

(This is a tale about a young woman growing up on the small colony of Eris, in the Earth solar system. —Silver Moon Unicorn)

Anastasia had been on the train for two weeks now and she was wondering when she would arrive at the small town she had chosen. Finally, the trained slowed down and entered another airlock. The conductor informed her that they had indeed finally arrived at the very town she requested. He helped her with her suitcase and off of the train.

The train only waited a few minutes after Anastasia was off with her only suitcase and hat in her hand. The conductor said, “Goodbye and good luck, young lady.”

“Thank you, sir.” Anastasia smiled back at him as the train slowly left the platform. She watched the train leave before she went any further. Finally, she was alone on the platform. It was dark in the dome with the lights at the lowest setting for night. Then, she picked up her suitcase and walked off the platform. It didn’t take her long to find a hotel or a boarding house—one was directly across from the station. She lugged her suitcase to the boarding house and walked all the way to the front desk.

A middle-aged woman was standing there and smiled at the young woman. “Well, good evening to you, young miss. It’s not everyday that we get visitors to this little town. It’s like the world has forgotten us.”

“Good evening. Do you have a room available?”

“Why, yes we do. And it’s almost supper time here. Are you hungry?”

“Yes, I am, but I would like to get my suitcase in a room first.”

The older woman spun around to grab a key and quickly spun back towards Anastasia. “This room will be perfect for you. Just follow me. Oh, would you like help with your suitcase?”

“Oh, no, I’m fine, thank you.”

The desk clerk nodded her head. “Right this way.” She led Anastasia up to her room and opened the door. Anastasia looked around and then set her suitcase on the bed. Then she followed the older woman to the dinning hall.

“I hope you will be comfortable here. It’s been so long since anyone has been here, that I’m afraid my family has forgotten how to serve customers. Many people sometimes just stop by for one night and then take off the next day.”

Anastasia didn’t say anything since she was hungry and tired from her long train ride. The older woman set her down at a table and handed her a menu. It didn’t take Anastasia long to order and then the older woman went to straight to the kitchen to order her daughter to fix the meal for their guest.

“Oh, mama, you mean there’s a visitor to these parts?”

“Yes, she’s right out there in the dinning room. Please hurry and don’t ruin her meal. She’s really tired, so I suspect she’ll want to get to bed as soon as she’s done.”

“Yes, mama.” The daughter went right to work and completed the meal in record time, along with what the rest of the family needed to eat. The older woman served Anastasia her dinner and then left to eat dinner with her family.

“Well, dear do you think it’s the woman that Samuel was referring to? She does have long brown hair and green eyes.”

“Perhaps, but I don’t think we should ask her. The poor dear is tired. Let’s just let her finish her dinner and go to bed for the night. I’m sure there will be plenty of time for questions tomorrow.” She took some more morsels of food. “Although, I have to say it does seem a bit odd for a woman her age to be traveling out alone, but I guess the war has changed some of our young women.”

“That’s right, mama. I don’t want to have to raise children and do all the housework by myself. I’d rather have a husband like papa who works with his wife.”
Her parents laughed. “You’re silly, but I’d have to say it’s nice to work along side with my husband. Otherwise, I think I would have divorced him years ago.” She smiled like a cat.

“Dear, you can’t mean that.” He dropped his fork.

His wife giggled. “No, I’m glad you were okay with me helping you out with our boarding house all this time. Otherwise, I think I would have married someone else. No don’t you fret, I’ve been very happy that I did marry you.”

Once they were finished, the daughter began to wash all the dishes. Her mother went to check on Anastasia and found that the young woman was just finishing up her meal. “Are you ready to just sleep for the night?”

“Oh, yes, thank you. I think I can find my way to my room.”

“Ok, dear. If you need any help, just call me. Either myself or one of the family members will be near the front desk.”

Anastasia nodded and walked to her room. Once there, she took a bath in the bathroom and then got her nightgown on. She laid down on the bed exhausted as she never was before in her life and was soon fast asleep cuddling with her teddy bear.