The Strange & Unusual Universe of Silver Moon Unicorn

(Notes from Silver Moon Unicorn.)

Earth. From my researches it is the birthplace of humans. I am part human, so I had to research Earth and the other planets humans once occupied. Are any still living there? Possibly, but there’s no way to tell. We cannot communicate with them. Nor can we travel safely to that solar system. Who knows if it’s even in the same universe as ours is. But no matter.

Earth is blue-green with many different climates all on one planet. That may not be unusual as it can be rather stable to have a complicated climate and complicated ecology to balance. Yes, contrariwise to the thinking of His Excellency, we need diversity to stay alive. We need all the various lifeforms to maintain any planet. Perhaps, that is where humans went wrong on Earth and assumed they were the only ‘people’ living on it and the rest were plants and animals. The attitude didn’t die when they went out and colonized their solar system. That attitude is very dangerous. Too many people, human and non-human alike, died as a result.

I do hope we have learned just how dangerous that attitude is. I still see some people struggle with it. It saddens me. Earth wasn’t simple. It was many things at once to different people who lived on it. At times it was dangerous to live there and at others it could be a paradise. Some of the views may have depended upon who the observer was.

In many ways, Earth looks and sounds much like my home planet. Even the calendar is very similar. I don’t know if that is a coincidence or perhaps Earth is just another version of my planet in a different universe. It’s hard to tell and I don’t know how to do the math to prove or disprove it.

Yet, it’s a wonder that any humans ever left Earth in the first place. It’s almost as if they were stuck there. Sure they made it to the moon that circled the planet, but it was a long time after that before they could explore and travel around their own solar system. Even after colonization, they still had poverty to deal with. Interesting all the technology they had, but it wasn’t available to all due to economics and most of them knew of those extras. Unlike here where the Guardians kept their technology as secret as they could until the rest of the world was ready for it.

Unfortunately, it didn’t happened that way. His Excellency forced their hand and many were exposed to new technology too soon and couldn’t deal with it well. Good thing the Guardians also knew other ways of doing things, so they weren’t completely helpless. Nor did they disappear. Earth did have its secret societies as well, but not as extensive as the Guardians. The Guardians could and did blend in with the mainstream. That’s why His Excellency wasn’t able to destroy them all.

The most interesting thing about Earth is its stories and myths about elves, dragons, centaurs, merfolks, unicorns, fairies, etc. There is a theory that some of our people accidentally went to Earth when humans were too young and didn’t have the high technology they have now. I will definitely look more into that theory…


First Day at Work


The Strange & Unusual Universe of Silver Moon Unicorn

Silver Moon got up the next morning and wasted no time fixing breakfast. She picked some figs and put them on a plate. She opened her cupboard and got out some almonds to eat with the figs. She grabbed a water bottle and the plate and set both down on the table. She enjoyed her breakfast. After she was done. She put the plate in the sink and went to sit back down at the table.

She picked up her tablet computer and went online. She decided it was a good time to start researching the planet and the solar system in which she lived. She had never left the planet, but that wasn’t unusual. Most people couldn’t afford to travel to other planets. It was a pastime of the rich or others whose professions sent them out in space. She didn’t expect to go out in space any time soon. It might depend upon if the trolley could go there.

In the meantime, Silver Moon looked for some open mics to drop in on. She was a bard and she would have to share her work sooner or later. She found one and wasted no time in making her way over there.

The Journey Begins


The Strange & Unusual Universe of Silver Moon Unicorn

Silver Moon stepped onto the trolley and turned around to wave goodbye to Frank. He wished her luck. She smiled and walked to the drivers’ seat. She closed the doors and started the engine. Soon she was pulling out and went on the road. The weather was unseasonably cool and she didn’t know why. She didn’t worry. Her plants were doing well on the trolley. Next to the kitchen counter, they were within reach of any meal she would have. It wasn’t all the food she ate, but it was most of it.

She wasted no time heading out of town. She didn’t plan on coming back. What friends she had, she could chat with them online. Soon she was on the highway with no planned direction. Perhaps she would find some place where she could park her trolley. She watched trees pass by as she followed the traffic.

Eventually, she found a good place to turn off. She followed the turnoff to the edge of nowhere. Then she looked around for a place to park for the night. She found one. Then she turned off the engine. She took a shower and went to bed with a smile on her face.