Where to Begin…


Where to begin? His Excellency didn’t spring out of nowhere. Yes, he was human and he was cruel. Did he do anything which helped anyone out? It’s hard to say. Even the worst tyrant is not a simple being. Sometimes they are necessary to help bring the rest of us together.

It’s hard to say. I think it’s best to start at the beginning of his life and see him through others’ eyes, as many as we can find. I know how his parents felt about him and the shock they felt when he turned on them and began the attacks on the Guardians. They were among the many who lost their lives because of him.

Why? Why did His Excellency have to cause so much misery and so much suffering and pain? Why does his great granddaughter, Claire Rose Lutin, have to face him? I know many do not like her, the Lost Princess, but she may be the only hope we have left in a universe which doesn’t always make sense.

I have searched for clues to the answer to the riddle of His Excellency. I will share with you all that I know and have learned. It’s not all pleasant. It may not all be awful, but he was real and he was well known.

Yes, his own son and heir, Prince Jaems Charles Lutin, killed him to save Queen Catherine and her cousin, Lady Adele. Did His Excellency deserve that kind of betrayal? Many would say yes. I tend to agree with them.

Afterwards, His Excellency was buried, but he had been infected not long before his death with the vampire virus. So, he became a vampire and is yet alive. How he escaped from his coffin is another riddle, a mystery.

But, I will look for the answers and explain and show who His Excellency was and is. Perhaps I will also learn how Claire Rose Lutin will defeat him in the end. And defeat him, she must. She has no other choice as his heir. Her half sister doesn’t not have the right genetic combination to defeat His Excellency.

It’s a simple gene, really. Claire Rose Lutin is immune to the vampire virus. She cannot become a vampire ever. Her hair, eyes, and skin coloring may change and her pheromones may increase, but she will never become a vampire. She will remain herself. She already has some abilities which are similar to what vampires have, but she is not a vampire. Yes, she has pointed ears as the elves and fairies do, but she is part human as well.

And now it is time to begin at the beginning of His Excellency’s life, when his parents and their friends were leaving their solar system and galaxy to come to ours…


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