Faedin’s Reason for Her Quest


The centaur—half horse, half elf—woke up from a pleasant dream. She, Faedin, knew she would have to go on a journey through the forests of the planet Platinum to fully understand what her dream meant. She was a scientist and knew the Guardians well. They had given her a small, portable communication device, which she kept in her pocket at all times. She herself was also considered one of the Guardians—like many of the centaurs, she wasn’t sure about the alliance with the elves and the fairies. However, the Guardians had proven they were respectful and never had they burdened the centaurs. All the Guardians believed everyone in the alliance were free to leave and go on their own.

She was thoughtful as she munched on her breakfast looking up at the sky. There were silver clouds overhead. Faedin smiled. She knew it would be a long, but beneficial journey ahead. She left watching the gossamer left by the spiders nearby to where she ate her breakfast. Her thoughts were on what it means to be a Guardian and how that meaning will affect her work as a scientist.


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