Faedin’s Search


In the meadow, Faedin wandered and looked all around her. She was at peace. She saw the other Guardians in the main hold and knew many of them had found happiness. She could also smell Béchamel from the nearby village. Her journey wasn’t over at all.

Faedin was looking for the meaning of divinity. She had conversed with the Goddess Stefani many times and still, the centaur had no clear cut answer.

It wasn’t good enough for her. Nor would it ever be until she could know and understand.

Faedin would have to wait for Stefani to be born into the same realm and then seek her out before the centaur would ever get the answer. Fortunately, centaurs tend to live for hundreds of years. Faedin could wait for her answer.

She knew she would find Stefani as an elf or perhaps as a different sort of creature all together, yet similar. Either way, Faedin was patient enough to find the real answer.


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