Faedin’s Quest Ends


How long had Faedin, the centaur, been on her quest for Truth? She shook her head. It had been a century to two, but now she had found the Goddess Stefani.

The Goddess Stefani had given many people Hope over the years. Now she was incarnated as a human woman. Faedin finally found her living near a River.

Faedin studied and watched. She didn’t often go into the cities—centaurs typically did not. Centaurs tended to fell more comfortable in the forests. Fortunately on Platinum, many of the forests were still intact. Many of the Guardians had insured the forests wouldn’t be destroyed.

With her portable communicator, upgraded and replaced over the years, Faedin was able to locate the Goddess Stefani as a human Lady Flora. She was rich an powerful. She also liked to listen to harp or other string instruments.

Lady Flora had a strong sense of justice. As far as she was concerned it hadn’t been served to Tumae. She did what she could, but she knew Tumae worked for His Excellency and it was hard, almost impossible to go against His Excellency in any matter.

Faedin approached Lady Flora’s home. Lady Flora was alone except for her domestic servants. Her Guardian defenders had left to check on their home. Some of the domestic servants saw the centaur and panicked.

Lady Flora saw the centaur and walked outside to greet her. “To what do I owe the honor of having a centaur visit me?”

Faedin nodded. “I have searched for you for at least a century. I know who you were before you became the Lady Flora. I have many questions for you. I hope you can answer them.”

Lady Flora raised her eyebrows. “I’m not sure what you mean. I don’t remember anything before this life. I’m not sure I can answer your questions.”

“Ahh, perhaps there is a reason you don’t remember anything before this life. That is okay. I am patient and I have waited most of my life to learn from you. If you are willing to answer my questions, and you tell me what you know, I will be satisfied.”

Lady Flora nodded. “I will do my best. Perhaps you can answer some questions I have.”

“Why certainly. If I know the answers, I will tell you. As far as I’m concerned we are allies and have been all my life.”

“I need all the allies I can get. I’m a little worried about my Guardian protectors. I hope they will come back.”

“Milady, I am also a Guardian and I will protect you as well as I am able to. I do hope they come back. I believe they were Sam Oranglov and Felicia?”

“Yes, they were. They are both rather young. They are only teenagers, but only Sam is an adolescent. I understand that Felicia is still a child as she is a fairy.”

Faedin smiled. “Yes, and she won’t become an adolescent until she’s in her 30s. Only humans and nymphs go through puberty when they are so young.”

“I’ve always wondered about that. I find it strange that you Guardians send your children out so young into the world.”

“It has always been that way. Many get to learn their trades as children and become efficient enough at them to be able to go out into the world.”


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