The Tower


I am alone in the tower. I know an alpha male approaches to set me free. I plan to be away from here before he arrives. It makes me physically ill to wait for him to arrive.

I’d rather plan my escape and implement it before he finds me. You see, it’s really simple. I don’t like alpha males. I am used to taking care of myself and pulling my own weight around. So why would I ever want to be submissive to any man or anyone for that matter?

Truth is I am a strong, independent woman and I can’t stand the belief that I should let some man take care of me. I know I’m not perfect and I’ve made mistakes. That’s why I’m trapped in this tower.

The answer isn’t to sit around and wait for someone else to rescue me. I shouldn’t have to be a whore. And I certainly don’t want to have to wait on anyone hand and foot when they are grown and perfectly capable of taking care of themselves. I’m not the demure, submissive, and completely domestic, delicate creature they assume me to be.

Never mind my curves, my feminine figure. I can defend myself.

The desktop computer chimes. I press a button on the desk and the image of a man dressed as a knight appears.

“Fair maiden, I am on my way to rescue you!”

I raise my eyebrows. “I’m fine, thank you.”

“It’s my job to rescue damsels in distress and I should be there within a month. Prepare for my arrival.”

“Prepare? Are you serious? I told you that I am fine. No thank you. I don’t need your help, especially with the high price attached to it.”

He laughs. “You’re just playing coy. I’m sure you’ll come around.”

“No, I won’t. What is it about you alpha males? You think you can tame me?”

“Of course it is my duty to do so. You are so delicate and frail that you need me to take care of you.”

“Nope, not true.” I press another button on the desk and his image winks out.

He probably didn’t like that, but I have work to do. I need to be out of this tower before a month has come and gone.

I will find a way out of the tower without his help…

I awake in the dark. I am alone. I am still in the tower. The knight has been delayed. Lucky me. I get up and look around. There isn’t much to see, except that the food supply is getting low.

Okay, so perhaps there is more food here than I’m acknowledging. Unfortunately, I can’t eat it because it is poisonous to me. The trouble with Platinum is that we have so many similar, yet different people. Those differences mean we can’t all eat the exact same diet. Of course it gets more complicated when you’re a mixture of the different people. It amazes me that most people don’t understand.

Ever wonder why there are so many different kinds of diets out there? It shouldn’t be too hard to understand. I hear it’s pretty bad for the humans. Even they can’t all be on the same kind of diet. Hmmm…I’m part human and part elf. I know it’s certainly a combo.

I’ve tried to contact my werewolf friend, but he’s unable to answer. I guess I will have to find a way out without his help.

I may have to go find him. At least he won’t try to be my protector. He knows I am a person and I am not weak or helpless.

I pack up what food is left which I can eat. I swing the backpack onto my back. Next, I grab some rope and check it. It is sturdy. I tie a knot in the tower near the window and lower the rope out the window.

I’m climbing out the window. It’s still dark. I bet the alpha male didn’t see this ending coming. He thought I was just playing. I’m Claire Rose Lutin. I don’t play those kinds of games.

But what about my companion, Myadin? Where is he? How is he? I know something must have happened to him. I will go seek him out…

I have reached the bottom. The sun is rising. I see someone in the distance riding a tricorn. At least the Guardians left all the horned horses alone.

I will have to run, but which direction?

I stop turning around and face the west. I sense Mya is in that direction. I bolt. This is one of those days I wish I could fly, but that might be asking too much.


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