Dancing in a Virtual World


I recently started dancing with someone on the deck of my house located in The State of Writing on the Kitely grid. My friend, owner of the world, and excellent decorator, Arton Tripsa, set up everything. She says that people are starting to talk because I keep dancing with this same avatar…

Let them talk, I say.

She says he’s dresses so well and has great hair that he must be Italian. Perhaps she is right. He’s quiet and respectful, which is all I really care about. He doesn’t give me a hard time for what I eat or what I don’t eat.

He gives me something to do while I wait for a friend to come in world. I know she’s busy, but I need to talk with her and ask her for help. I know she will understand as soon as I tell her and she will help how she can.

I don’t know how long I need to keep dancing before the message gets delivered, but I am sure having fun with it.

I don’t mind giving people something to talk about…


Two friends reaching for each other… from daytime…



through the nighttime as Buddha watches…



ah, the tiny fairy elvish house… complete with flowers and vines…



let’s just keep on dancing under the stars and the full moon with a little bonfire…



we’ve got some moves…



it’s the Hermes/Mercury hat…what is the message which needs to be delivered now?


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