Traveling Around the Hypergrid


“Beneath the sheets of paper, lies my truth.” Regina Spektor

Which is easier? Traveling around Earth to visit different countries or traveling around the hypergrid?

Hmmm… I’m not sure. I suppose it all depends upon where you go in the world and on the hypergrid. But I have a passport, which allows me to get into other countries without too much hassle (provided I have the money for traveling) and I have a passport to go to the hypergrid (which doesn’t require money for traveling). Of course whenever I go to the hypergrid, my group title disappears and people around me will probably know which grid I come from.


Ah, the Hypergrid Railway Station…good thing I have my Kitely passport.

Perhaps it’s easier just to go the hypergrid…except that I’m stubborn and my operating system is two versions behind the current one and the version of Firestorm that I use is so out of date… Hence I tend to crash whenever I try to leave Kitely. Then I have to wait for Firestorm to shut down and then start it back up and log back into Kitely. Then I try to go back to the hypergrid.


*Sigh* Reminds me of the Venezia Santa Lucia train station in Venice, Italy…

Don’t get me wrong, my computer still works very well. I can’t complain. Although I did see faces in the trees once. A known glitch in Firestorm, so I know I’m not delusional. Really. Never mind that I’m certified insane. I know my computer well.

If you must know, I haven’t upgraded the operating system because I’m not done playing The Sims 3 or The Sims Medieval. I don’t know if I could play both on the latest operating system….


Sometimes things just don’t load…but the cat looks relaxed and it’s pretty at the Lost Gardens of Apollo.

So on to me playing tourist on the hypergrid. Really the Lost of Gardens of Apollo is lovely, even though I couldn’t see all of it. But the cat didn’t think anything was wrong. I found I could walk on water there. It was quite exciting…


Occasionally, I play the part of a tourist…I know I probably won’t see a sight like this where I’m from.

I first went to the Metaverso with my friend, Arton Tripsa. I told her it reminded me of Mogliano Veneto, Italy. And no, the city I was born in raised in doesn’t have anything that looks like this! They’ve had a bad habit of tearing down old buildings to replace them with newer, more modern looking ones. Although we do have one historic neighborhood, which features lots of bright and colorful looking Victorian homes. Really, it doesn’t have much history before the Victorian Era.


Ever feel so small and insignificant? Oh, well.

I’ve seen fountains. We have them where I’m from, but perhaps not on this scale…


I found Stonehenge! Wait, how did that happen?

Sometimes I just wander around. Seems to me that’s the only way I can find some interesting places or things I’d never think about seeing. Besides flying is so much fun.


I’m most definitely in Italy. See those well dressed guys who aren’t hollering at me? Don’t look too closely at them, or you might find they are smiling at me.

Yes, you may flirt with me, but I don’t recommend falling in love with me. It could be dangerous. I don’t tend to treat my suitors well and they don’t understand why. It’s simply because they just like what they see, but they don’t really like me or even respect me. I’m not a doll, but a real person. It is good to know that not all guys in all cultures think women are whores, but they respect us and treat us like the people we really are.


Well, fancy meeting you here, Ziggy! You are a well traveled cat.

Ziggy’s boy just happens to be my friend, Salvatore (or whatever name he is going by at the moment). The stories my friend tells of Ziggy are so delightful. Apparently, Ziggy is in love with my dear cat companion, Nuri, who will message him. But if they were ever to meet, she would threaten to tear him apart simply because he was boy at one point in time. Never mind that she can’t get pregnant anymore.

So, I don’t know which one is easier to do, but it’s certainly less expensive and fun to travel on the hypergrid. Although many people I tend to meet, do know some English, I am well aware that not everyone can speak it. That’s fine. I wouldn’t mind being fluent in other languages as well. I do love to hear stories of what it’s like to grow up in other places. I suppose I just need to be reminded that other people live differently that I was taught to.


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