I admit it,
I ran away
from my homeland.
My life was a mess.
Is still a mess.
But I know
I can’t see everything.
I’m floating.
I’m flying.
I’m transforming.
I’m healing.
I can feel my strength.
What I was taught,
didn’t work for me.
I know it never will.
Yet, I’m still
expected to do it.
Well, I won’t.
I lost myself
on the cobble stone streets.
She took me
by the hand
and told me
it’s okay
to be shy.
She asked me
to stay.
She told me
her city was
where my dreams
I want to believe.
I told her
I would
defend her
in any way
I could.
But I’ve been naughty.
I think.
One of the gondoliers
fell in love with me.
He told me
he didn’t have a
death wish.
I was a brat.
I snubbed him.
Yet, he became
my friend.
I know he
summoned me
to one of the most
beautiful and
strangest cities
in the world.
He asked me
to be something
I am not
When he realized
his request
would put me
in danger,
he let go
of me.
I told him
I didn’t want
to lose him.
I need all the
I can have.
I know
I want him
in my life.
I feel
I am changing.
I’m trying
to find
my way back
to both of them.
It’s only a
matter of time.


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