No Rhyme or Reason


Too many people wrongly think there is a tried and true formula to getting published by the traditional publishers. It’s simply not true. There is no rhyme or reason to it at all.

None at all. Certainly there are people who write well and are published by traditional publishers. But not all who write well ever reach that kind of fame.

Writing, like other forms of art, is subjective. The people who work in traditional publishing are human as are the rest of us. We have varied opinions on the same author’s works.

So, if one traditional publisher rejects a writer’s work, it doesn’t mean the writer doesn’t know how to write. It really means the editor didn’t like it or perhaps the editor doesn’t like the writer as a person.

While many traditional publishers act like they are still the gatekeepers, I know the readers are the real gatekeepers. Add to that that many traditional publishers will not promote any writer anymore. It makes me question why would I want to do business with them.

They are fighting among themselves. I don’t want to be dragged into their warfare. I’d prefer to retain all control and rights over my books. I can edit my own writing. I can design my own covers. I can package the books for electronic format or print format. I can maintain my own website and blog.

I don’t need them. I don’t know how they feel about that. I’m not sure I care anymore. They don’t run my life. They don’t have answers for me. They don’t determine my self worth.

I’m the one who determines my self worth.

The real gatekeepers are hard to pin down. The ones who would read my work and enjoy it are an eclectic bunch of people. No rhyme or reason to publishing and why some writers become so famous and other dwindle in obscurity.


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