An Excerpt from The Guardians Series Book 2: The Sorceress and the Prince


(Natali is a condemned witch and an elf. Molly is a dragon. The knight is a random elf.)

As Natali was gathering supplies, Molly was napping and a young knight rode up to the castle on horseback. When he approached the dragon, he surveyed the castle and saw a fair damsel through the windows.

He jabbed Molly with his jousting pole and said, “Wake up, you fiend.”

Molly stretched and yawned before rising to her full height. “What do you want?”

“To free the fair damsel in this castle. Prepare to fight.”

“Oh, you think I’m keeping her here?”

“Well, of course you are and she’s still a virgin.”

“I can’t vouch for her virginity, but I can tell you that she and I will be leaving this castle as soon as she comes out.”

The young knight lowered his pole. “What?” His horse stepped backwards
from the dragon. “You can’t be serious.”

“Oh, yes I am. That fair damsel and I are friends. Ah, here she comes now.”

Natali walked out of the castle with her bag and sword. She looked at Molly and then at the knight.

“Fair damsel, I have come to save you from this dragon!”

Natali raised her eyebrows. “What?”

“I will slay this dragon and then enjoy you all to myself. I’ll be your first, young virgin.”

Natali cringed and drew her sword. “I see you have a death wish.”

The knight started to raise his pole to Molly. Then Natali jumped in front of the dragon with her raised sword pointing at the knight.

“Disarm yourself or I will have to kill you.”

“What? You can’t be serious. No woman knows how to fight around here.”

“I do. My father taught me. I have already killed one idiot who thought he could have his way with me. So, you can be the next idiot dead, if you so choose.”


Molly chuckled and smoke came out of her nostrils. The knight started shaking as the horse turned and ran off with him on its back. The dragon laughed even louder. Natali put her sword away and went to pick up the bag. She put it on her back.

“I’m not surprised your father taught you how to use a sword.”

“I enjoyed learning, but I never thought I would have to defend myself.” The young elf sighed. “At least I know how when the occasion demands it.”

“Yes, you are quite good at it. Perhaps it’s time for us to go.”

Some centaurs were near the edge of the forest and they noticed an elf climbing onto a dragon. They saw the dragon fly off. As they watched, they made notes and sent the information to the other Guardians, especially to Faedin. It wasn’t long after that Lex, an air nymph, followed the dragon with an elf rider to see where they would go.

It was a good stroke of luck for the Guardians. They figured it had to be Nathalie Philosophie/Natali Nu and Molly Mayhem. For now, they just wanted to see where they were headed. Then they could get Faedin to meet them. It would take time, but at least they could keep the white clothed men from catching them now.


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