An Excerpt from The Violet Series Book 2: The Search for Merlin


(Violet is half human and half water nymph; all which is explained in the first book of the series. Carlos is a human and a practicing witch who wanted to find Merlin. Merlin is the famous Merlin from King Arthur’s court and the Knights of the Round Table. Carlos and Violet have already found and freed Merlin from his tomb, where he was sleeping for quite a long time.)

Merlin looked at Carlos and Violet. “Children, it’s time to go. You can work on that magic later when we are done.”

Carlos and Violet stopped practicing and looked at Merlin.

“Where are we going?” asked Carlos.

“To Paris.”

“Oh, then we need to walk back to the train.”

“The train? What’s that?”

“It’s a means of transportation. That’s how we got from Paris to here.” Violet looked at Merlin.

“I see. I thought I’d grab you two and then teleport us to her location.”

Carlos cringed. “I haven’t been able to do that and I doubt that Violet can at all.”

“I think it will be safer to take the train. We’ll show you the way.”

“I guess I’ve been asleep too long.”

“It’s okay, we can fill you in as we go. This way, Merlin.” Violet grabbed her backpack and put it on her back.

Merlin, Carlos, and Violet walked out of the castle. Merlin made the castle disappear with one wave of his wand. He looked to his two companions and raised his eyebrows.

“This looks much the same to me.”

“Yes, I can believe that. In a few kilometers, it probably won’t look familiar anymore.” Violet pointed in the direction they needed to go.

The trio walked all the way back to the train station, where Merlin stared in disbelief.

“What have you done while I was asleep?”

“We’ve modernized the whole world while you were sleeping. I’ll go get the tickets for all of us. Merlin, stay here with Violet.”

Merlin watched Carlos go to a ticket machine. “How do you know all this stuff already?”

“We grew up with much of it, so it’s not unfamiliar. Perhaps after we are done with Vivienne, we can show you some history which happened while you were sleeping.”

“If we survive Vivienne, then I’ll teach you the magic I know and you can teach me about modern life. I’m not sure I’m cut out for it.”

Violet smiled. “Actually, you might be able to pass as an old curmudgeon easily. Many of them complain about new technology all the time. Sometimes when new things come out or the old stuff had changed, people complain a lot.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

Carlos walked back to Violet and Merlin with the tickets. “I already validated them as well. Just hang on to your ticket. A train conductor may ask to see it.”

Violet took her ticket and kept it in her hand. Merlin did the same.

Soon the train arrived and the trio boarded it. Carlos found the three of them seats together. They sat down. A few minutes later the train left the station.

“I hope you two will keep me from looking like a fool once we get to Paris.”

Violet smiled. “Just let us know where to look.”

“How different is Paris now?”

“I don’t know.”

“Neither do I, but we’ll be there with you, Merlin,” said Carlos.

“Good.” He paused. “Wake me up when we get there.” He closed his eyes.


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