Camp NaNoWriMo July 2017 is now complete…


Camp NaNoWriMo Completion Certificate July 2017

I reached both NaNoWriMo goals for July 2017. I original thought I would edit 500 pages and I ended up changing the goal to 600. I went over that revised goal. I also wanted to edit 4 out of the 6 books I have to work on and I edited all of them. Two are nearly ready for publishing now and will be released as soon as they are in ebook form. The other four will require another editorial pass before I can decide how close they are to being published.

However, I do feel much better about the four that aren’t quite ready yet. They are better and will continue to get better with the next editorial pass. Until I finish these six books, I can’t draft another one.

But I still have to write a story about a kitten with a magic tail. I will do that soon and post the result here on the blog sooner or later.


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