Milow, the Kitten with a Magic Tail


(I wrote this little story at the request of Milow, a kitten I met on Twitter. @Milowmagic Also, it’s International Cat Day, so I’ll go ahead and wish it to be a wonderful day for cats everywhere. By the way, I did spoil and love my little darling, Nuri. She’s quite happy now.)

Once upon a time, there was a kitten named Milow. He was a cute little thing his human mama had found in a shelter. Soon it was obvious he had a magic tail. The tip was white in sharp contrast to the rest of his silvery fur. He could wave it and the magic would come sparkling out.
The better half of the courage was when he was growing up and exploring. He would get into drawers because he was still so small. Once inside he discovered many things. He discovered there was an elf named Silver Moon Unicorn.
This particular elf had a tendency to create feathers from thin air to defuse any tensions with other people. The elf had learned that the best way to defeat people who are poor listeners was with laughter. She waved her wand and poof! Feathers would appear and tickle the poor unsuspecting people.
But it had to be the joyful, playful sort of laughter or else it wouldn’t work. It was the same kind of laughter that Milow could create with his presence and by waving his magic tail.
One evening Milow was looking out the window of his flat. He saw some figures doing a waltz. They were transparent like ice. After the ice waltz the kitten saw outside his window, he heard some humans talking to each other.
“Let’s listen to the sky.”
“Yes, let’s do.”
Everyone watched the stars and the moon appear.
And the real night comes, thought Milow to himself. He wondered if he would meet Silver Moon Unicorn. He remembered she did say she could fly by using her magic wand.
He wagged his tail three times and an elf appeared flying on a broomstick in front of the moon. She came near his window. She waved and said hi.
Milow mewed back. Then he saw someone else was holding onto the broom and flying with her. Someone small with black cat ears, black cat tail, and two black cat paws. The little one also had blond hair and blue eyes.
He laughed. “Hi, Milow! I’m a little neko. That means I’m half human and half cat. Meow!” He laughed some more. “My name is White Lion Unicorn and I’m flying with mama so I can talk to you as cats do!”
They meowed for several minutes. Silver Moon smiled to hear them. Not that she could understand them, but that didn’t matter. Milow did a couple of back flips and smiled.


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