This is my personal site. This is where you can find out more about me and my writing/graphic design work. The available books are listed by their separate series. With the exception of the poetry and the cat tales, the book series tend to overlap in the same universe with some of the same characters. It was the best way I could come up to list all the books in a coherent manner.

I am a phenomenon which can be hard to keep up with. I can produce books faster than the average. I tend to focus more attention on putting books together than promoting them individually. As such, I cannot do regular book promotion on individual books. I tend not to leave time to give much warning that new books are available. I’m also convinced that many of the traditional methods of book promotion don’t work. I see some of what many others do and I find I’m not interested in reading those books.

I bet I would drive a book publicist crazy. I hope it doesn’t drive the readers crazy. I will keep this website updated with the current book list. That I can do easily. Otherwise, well, I will write some blog posts, but I can’t guarantee that I’ll blog everyday or even every month.