Available Books


I distribute ebooks via Smashwords, and they send it pretty much everywhere else including libraries. I have included the links to Smashwords. The ebooks are U.S.$2.99 each.

The Strange & Unusual Universe of Silver Moon Unicorn
The free ebook which introduces my universe.

Honoring the Cats in my Life
A poetry collection dedicated to the felines who have been in my life…

scientist in training gone mad
A poetry and short story collection about going down the wrong path and looking for a solution.

The Colonies of Earth (Eris): Different
A novel set on Eris about a young woman who cannot get along with mother and discovered her own path away that isn’t what her mother wants. On the cover from left to right is Anastasia and Samuel Winchester. Featured Characters: Darien Dashing, Sally, Sally’s husband, Polly, Freddy, Anastasia White, Samuel Winchester

The Colonies of Earth: Tales From Mars
A novel about the Martian colony featuring Herbert Mineur, a biologist, who discovers water nymphs, vampires, and were creatures. On the cover from left to right is Herbert Mineur, Theo, Ophelia, and Tabitha. Featured Characters: Herbert Mineur, Dory, Clyde Minuer, Frank Minuer, Jain Holden, Theo, Ophelia, Steve, Tabitha, and a couple of robots.

The Colonies of Earth (Venus): In Men’s Shadows
A novel about the Venusian colony featuring Gerri, a writer, Matthew, a robotics genius and prankster. Featured Characters: Gerri, Matthew, Persefoni, Klaemin, Hal, Persefoni’s nanny robot, Matthew’s nanny robot, Kevin J. Thompson.

Thoughts on Turning 40
A collection of 100 poems which tell how the writer feels about various subjects including modern life, working, aging, beauty, mental illness, truth, lies, loss, hope, space, herself, and insanity. She can be flippant as well as deep and surly. From one extreme to another, she talks about what it’s like to be different in a society which wants her to be something she’s not.

The Water Nymph’s Tale
Violet is orphaned as a baby and raised by her Uncle Clyde and his business partner, Bonnie. As a child, Violet exhibits magical abilities thought to be a part of her inheritance from her water nymph mother. As she grows older, she meets Antoni in dreams. When they finally meet on the Martian colony, he is kidnapped by vampires. With the help of the water nymphs, she gets him back. But all is not well. They must face dangerous were creatures to bring peace to Mars.

Formation of the Guardians
Darius is a wandering warrior elf who decides to enter a castle one day. There he agrees to protect an astronomer named Julio, his wife Penelopi, and their unborn child. A nearby village is attacked and survivors arrive the next morning including a few children. They are all taken in provided they are willing to work. Later on, Darius, sometimes with Jazmin, another warrior elf, go and recruit people to help with specific types of work.

A collection of 100 poems detailing a major transition in the author’s life.

The Colonies Will be Independent
Details the start of the colony on the planet of Eris and leads up to the war between the colonies and Earth. Ends with the results of the war, which are based on a romance gone bad.

The Amazons Rise Up
A small band of women led by a weretiger named Della start and build a colony on Orcus out in the Kuiper Belt. There are many dangers including the planet itself and others wanting to take the colony away from the women.

A collection of poems detailing a journey to Venice, Italy. The reasons why and prior circumstances and what happened while in the most beautiful and strangest cities in the world.

A Colony of Tiny Nekos
White Lion Unicorn has an adventure in which he discovers his origins and his biological parents. He makes new friends and nearly gets separated from his mama, Silver Moon Unicorn. He discovers he has a sister and they form a bond which cannot be broken. The nekos get educated and then end up with a permanent home.

The Sorceress and the Prince
Nathalie Philosophie has been condemned as a witch by the White Clothed Men led by Lord Plaesance. She fights back and stays alive, but they won’t stop pursuing her. The Guardians learn of them and is determined to get her story to stop the White Clothed Men from killing more innocent women. With the help of her friend, Molly Mayhem, Nathalie steals Lord Plaesance’s book in which he documents how they capture and determine the women are witches.