Book Series


My book series take place within my universe, which is introduced by my free ebook, The Strange & Unusual Universe of Silver Moon Unicorn. The characters may cross over into other series. Clicking on the links will show you the books in each series.

I write in the science fiction/urban fantasy genre.

I publish my ebooks through Smashwords, who then distributes to other online stores. The individual book links will take you to the Smashwords page for that particular book.

The Colonies of Earth takes place in our solar system and isn’t a traditional book series in the sense that the books can be read in any order. They are separate stories which give background information on the colonies.

The Violet Series features Violet Nymphe Mineur, a half human, half water nymph born and raised on Mars. Her best friend, Antoni Lance Winchester, is born and raised on Eris. The two of them go on adventures and travel around our solar system.

The Starlover Series features Fred Mueller who builds the spaceship, Starlover, out of scrap. The ship features four faster than light drives, a cloaking device, and comfortable living space.

The Guardian Series is set in another solar system. The Guardians are a group of elves, fairies, merfolks, centaurs, four different kinds of nymphs, and dragons who join forces to help protect scientists and inventors so they can do their work without prejudice. They come together in a rough time period when their world was still rather violent. They practice environmental sustainable ways and give women rights most ordinary women don’t typically have.

His Excellency Series combines the Guardian, Violet, and Starlover series. The characters from The Violet and Starlover series travel through a wormhole and end up in the Guardian solar system.

White Lion Unicorn Series features the tiny neko with his mama, Silver Moon Unicorn. It is also in the post His Excellency rule and on the same planet where he ruled. Of course the tiny neko was so cute, he just took over and got his own book series. (Much like the cat he’s based on.)

The Titanium Mysteries is set in the post His Excellency rule and is on another planet within the same solar system as the planet Platinum. Features a pair of elvish detectives and their writer friend.

Poetry Books Not a traditional book series, but poetry collections I’ve written over the years.

Cat Tales Not a traditional book series. Creative non-fiction books about cats to benefit cat charities.