Smashwords End of the Year Sale


Starting December 25, 2017 at midnight through January 1, 2018 at 11:59 pm (Pacific Standard Time) Smashwords is having a end of the year sale. Normally, I just have two items for free all year around. Both are automatically enrolled in this sale as well.

My Smashwords page lists everything I currently have for sale. I know those magazine issues take up a lot of space and you may not see everything. So, I have listed all the free books for this sale with their individual links.

Free items are an issue of the monthly magazine I used to put together and the book which introduces my universe. I’ve added five more ebooks to this list. One is a poetry collection. One is a poetry and short story collection. The rest are three novels which start three different series.

The Strange & Unusual Universe of Silver Moon Unicorn (introduction to my universe) eISBN: 9781937050658

The Moon 1202
Sample magazine issue.

scientist in training gone mad (contains poetry and short stories) eISBN: 9781937050351

Honoring the Cats in My Life (poetry) eISBN: 9781937050375

The Guardians Series Book 1: Formation of the Guardians (The Stars Beckon and The Inventor from The Strange & Unusual Universe of Silver Moon Unicorn) eISBN: 9781937050825

The Violet Series Book 1: A Water Nymph’s Tale (The Mine from The Strange & Unusual Universe of Silver Moon Unicorn) eISBN: 9781937050832
This series follows The Colonies of Earth: Tales From Mars and The Colonies of Earth (Eris): Different.

The White Lion Unicorn Series Book 1: A Colony of Tiny Nekos eISBN: 9781937050894
The little neko took over The Strange & Unusual Universe of Silver Moon Unicorn so he now has his own book series. He’s based on a cat that I bottle fed when he was just a kitten.


Current Writing/Graphic Design Work


I’ve been too busy and wondering what’s going on…

Well, I finished up NaNoWriMo on November 30th with 100,116 words among four novels drafts. I planned on three novel drafts and went on to write a fourth, which I finished drafting on December 1st with the last three chapters. Needless to say all that writing took a lot out of me. I then went on to read all 13 books of A Series of Unfortunate Events. Not to mention all the cleaning and sorting I’ve done on the house that’s getting prepared for selling sometime soon. Perhaps even this month if all goes well…

I feel like I’m falling behind in my work once again. Not only do I have four new novels to edit and design covers for, but I have a creative non-fiction book to finish up this month. I just hope I will have everything I need to finish it. I haven’t done much of the writing. Those parts came from other people around the world. But I have to do the compiling, editing, and graphic design work on it. Hopefully, I’ll have that ebook released after xmas.

Of course I still have the magazine conversions to do as well. That’s more work that’s just waiting for me to get to it. But it can wait as I finish up the creative non-fiction book and look for a new home for Nuri and me. So far I’ve been offered a place, but she can’t come with me. That’s not good enough. Nuri is my responsibility and I can’t dump her anywhere. She’s made it clear that she still wants me to be her girl and look after her. So, we need a place together.

I guess I’ll be busy for quite some time…at least through the end of the year…

What’s Happening to Printed Books?


The answer to the question might depend upon who you ask. But it is a real problem which some people don’t see. What some don’t realize is how much it costs to get books into print, especially with a wide distribution. The distribution is something I don’t understand. But perhaps printed books are based on outdated methods which won’t make sense in the day and age of the Internet.

My concern is making the books available to the readers and in the formats the want. But what if the readers can’t get the books they want? Then we have a problem. Ebook distribution isn’t typically better than print. Just go to different libraries and you will see what I mean. They can’t get everything in print or as ebooks. Or they can’t offer different formats easily and in ways which make sense to the readers.

With many newspapers, magazine, and books going out of print, it is a concern. Ebooks are certainly taking over due to the ease of distribution and the cost per book can be much lower than print. Also, ebooks aren’t as labor intensive. But they aren’t always as popular.

The pictures in this blog post are ones I took in Venice, Italy. They are excellent examples of good printing. They are worth too much. I’m afraid this sort of printing will remain without much trouble. But what about those who enjoy reading paper books and can’t afford them? Print on demand is a good option, if it’s available to libraries and bookstores.

My books aren’t in print anymore. I can live with that for now. However, something still needs to be done so we don’t lose books and culture. I don’t own any printing equipment anymore. I would have no idea what to do with the distribution except to make sure that more libraries and bookstores can get the formats their readers want.




Available at

This is my 22nd published book. I think perhaps it is time to take about it when everything has gone very wrong. I’m still trying to pick up the pieces, but nothing has changed. The circumstances are still not what they should be. Even though I’m in a place where it doesn’t much matter what I do, I would still rather do something than nothing at all. I’m not going down without a fight.

Here’s a poem from the new book. It was inspired by what I didn’t do when I was younger and was expected to. Also inspired by Aradia’s song “On Fire”. @AradiasMusic


I had
the sparks
of creativity
as just a child.
I played
with them.
The sparks
Now, I’m
on fire.
There is
I can do
to put
out the fire
killing myself.
I’m told
it’s a failure
on my part
to not put
out the fire
of creativity
and become
Just like
everyone else.

Virtual Reality Reflecting Fiction


Same elf, different day.

These pictures remind me of the end of the first White Lion Unicorn book, A Colony of Tiny Nekos. It was a time when Black Wolf Unicorn kidnapped Silver Moon Unicorn and she ran off from him. She was isolated in Modern Mordor surrounded by orcs. She had her tablet computer with her, but no Internet connection. So, she tried to connect her Guardian partner, Leon via telepathy.

Leon heard her and went after her. Lucky for him, all he had to do was pick her up and fly her back to Elsewhere. So happy ending? Perhaps, except for the fact that Silver Moon was so distraught as to what had happened with Black Wolf and being forced to go back to Modern Mordor where she had grown up.

NaNoWriMo November 2017


I know I’m insane. Just yesterday I finished drafting a new poetry book and a new novel. In November, I plan on drafting three more novels. With those four novels, I will finish the Colonies of Earth Series.

That’s a lot of words for someone who doesn’t talk much. Oh, wait, what is my goal? Is it the standard 50,000 words for the month? Or is it double that amount? Oh, it’s something like that… The word count just pushes me to put as many details into each story as I can. It’s just a game I like to play with myself. It’s also a good brain check to see if my stats are changing. So far my brain is fine and my stats are still good. Or rather crazy insane.

So after all this drafting comes editing. I plan on doing another editing blitz in December to catch up on my work. At least I can keep myself busy and out of trouble…

The Audience I Write For


I remember having to define the audience I was writing for in the some writing classes I used to take. It certainly helped when I did define it when I was writing non-fiction, but I find with fiction, the definition tends to get a bit murky.

When I put out my fiction works up for sale, I never worried about defining audience because it isn’t necessary to mention it. It’s not like genre, which I have to pick at least one. (Technically I have chosen two.) In all the time I have uploaded ebooks for sale on various sites, never was I asked who the intended audience was.

I can’t say I ever worried about the specific audience I was writing for. I just write the stories and focus on the story itself. It certainly doesn’t help when audience becomes another marketing term with all the murkiness you can imagine to go with it. I’ve read writing from authors who write for both young adults and for adults. Sometimes I can tell a difference between the two audiences, but sometimes it’s not readily so obvious.

Audience can be determined by the age of the main characters, vocabulary, and the content of the story itself. Alice Hoffman and J.K. Rowling have both written for children and adults. They are good examples to read because they write in such a way that it is clear when the story is for adults or younger readers. Their books are labeled correctly. Unfortunately, there are others who don’t write as clearly and it becomes all muddled when their books get labeled.

I don’t recall hearing my friends who are writers mention the audience they write for. In fact, I don’t think we even talk about it. I’m not sure why that is. I suppose it’s more important to the traditional publishers. But they typically are the ones who don’t define audience well enough to make any clear cut distinctions.

There is a problem with the narrow definition of audience when it comes to age group because sometimes readers don’t care and will read books that aren’t supposedly written for them. Just think about a series like Harry Potter and realize that many adults read the books and enjoyed them just as much as kids.

I suppose if the traditional publishers can’t get it right much of the time with different authors, and I don’t have to list it whenever I put out a book, then I won’t worry about it. But it’s still a good question to answer when writing anything at all.